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Mrs. Joanne Pelligra » Weekly update for 12/10

Weekly update for 12/10

Week of December 10th!


Tis the Holiday Season!




We will discuss our first TFK ( Time For Kids) article titled. "News Alert''.  Students will discuss how and why kids make sense of the media.  We will discuss text features, author's purpose, text structure, and identify main idea and supporting details.  There will be a quiz on Wednesday.  The quiz has 2 parts.  The first part consists of 10 multiple choice questions using various reading skills. The second part will require students to write a RACE response paragraph answer to an opinion questions. Students are expected to write an organized answer using details for support.  This answer will be graded using a rubric. The students will be able to use the article for both parts of the quiz.

In class, we will also read and connect ideas from other non fiction articles. We will use Achieve and Readworks to make connections and use details from multiple sources. 


Achieve 3000 has been assigned for homework due on Friday.

This article connects to the ideas in our TFK article. 


The homework on Wednesday is to complete the Parks and Playgrounds Expository Essay.  The final essay should be 5 paragraphs with 3 well thought text features. We discussed the topic and brainstormed ideas in class.  A rubric was also explained and distributed. Students should type their final copy in the template on my Google Classroom page. This graded assignment is due on Monday 12/17. 



List Number 2 was distributed on Tuesday.  The words will be discussed in class , a packet will be sent home for homework to practice and apply meanings, and a quiz will be given.    Vocabulary Quiz for List 2 will be on Monday, December 10th.  ( List 3 will be distributed the week of December 17th. ) 


Please continue to use Achieve 3000 at home

We use Achieve 3000 in class on a weekly basis. In our Expository Unit,  articles will be assigned based main idea to help reinforce skills and make connections. I strongly suggest using Achieve 3000 at home I recommend completing 2 articles weekly at hometo strengthen comprehension skills, vocabulary skills, and writing paragraph answers with details from the text. When reading non fiction articles, students should respond using the 1-3-1 format.  This format includes a topic sentence, at least 3 details 

IDR- Please make sure that you have an IDR book ready to go! We will be reading for enjoyment in class.  





This week we will begin Unit 3. Unit 3 focuses on DIVISION concepts. Your child MUST know their multiplication facts FLUENTLY to be successful in this unit.  Each student will need to use and recognize factors, multiples, and products.

For example when Estimating Quotients, your child should be able to recognize factors and multiples.  Example problem: 650 ./. 9 = ____.

( Think 9 x 7 = 63 so 63 is close to 65.  I will use 630 in place of 650 to estimate. My estimated quotient would be 70). 


Your child will have difficulty with this type of problem and everything we do moving forward if they do not know their multiplication facts. 


Extra practice or review problems can be found using the workbook Topic 5, IXL, and Study Island. 


Please continue to practice basic X facts!  Knowing your basic facts fluently will really help with Unit 3 ( This will not only help with division but fractions and decimals too!)

Please feel free to use Envisions 2.0, links and videos in Google Classroom, ST Math, Study Island,
and IXL. ( Please use IXL at home to practice especially before a test,  quiz, or CA.  There is a list of lessons that coincide with our topics in Google Classroom) .  When in doubt, please practice using the links in Google Classroom!  Thanks!
Please click the link below or the tab on my teacher page for instructions on how to access your child's online textbook for practice, homework assignments, and grades.





This week we will continue our unit on the 5 regions of the United States of America.  We will discuss landforms/bodies of water, natural resources, and climate.  We will present  our Google Slide presentations in class. 

Then we will focus on our region, the Northeast, before moving onto our New Jersey Unit. Throughout this unit, we will be reviewing map skills. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Pelligra