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Asher Holmes Elementary School Home of the Colts!

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Although all of the elementary schools in Marlboro use the same curriculum, have the same goals, and the same philosophies, each school is distinctive and special in certain ways. The very name of our school makes it distinctive. Schools in the district have always been named for their location in the township. Asher Holmes Elementary School was built on existing Board of Education property next to Robertsville School and when it opened midyear in 1973, it was called Robertsville II. Neither Doris Wadsworth, the first principal, nor the students liked this name, which left them in the shadow of Robertsville, so they held a contest to name the school. The students researched, campaigned, and then voted on the name Asher Holmes. The original Asher Holmes who provided the inspiration for the name, was a Revolutionary War colonel who lived in Marlboro and was assigned to protecting supply troops as they traveled through the area on their way to the Battle of Monmouth. Asher Holmes remains the only school in the district to proudly wear the name of an important historical figure.
When the school opened in 1973 a young art teacher, Mr. David Bassoff Wells, was hired. He has now retired from the district, but he left behind a legacy, which also makes Asher Holmes a unique and special school. Mr. Wells painted huge murals on the walls in the hallways throughout the building. The main corridor and the walls surrounding the gym were the first painted and show scenes from an idyllic town that at times resembles Marlboro itself. The upper grade hallway has pictures from classic children's stories like the "Wizard of Oz" and "Alice in Wonderland." Other halls show illustrations from "Snow White," "Dumbo," and "Beauty and the Beast." The most recent mural added just before Mr. Wells retired is from Disney's "A Bug's Life." Our walls are a source of wonder to young siblings who visit the building and a source of pride for the students who attend Asher Holmes.

Our students, our staff, our name, and our walls are all sources of pride for the Asher Holmes family!

The current mascot for Asher is a colt, which was drawn by a sixth grade student many years ago when sixth grade was in the elementary schools. It was inspired by the fact that the high school team is the Mustang, so our colt may grow up to be a Mustang someday! The colt sports a red, white, and blue blanket with the AH monogram. The patriotic colors were used because of the patriotism shown by Colonel Asher Holmes during the Revolution.